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Why Remotely Cloning Someone’s Phone Is Safer and How to do it

People often ask, how do I clone a phone without touching it? With the help of a smartphone that is completely unlocked, you can access all of its data remotely, which means you can see what is on the phone’s call log and text messages. This article provides a step-by-step guide to cloning your phone without physically touching it.

Wireless cloning is a process of transferring data from one device to another wirelessly, using Bluetooth, OTP, Airdrop, and many other technologies. The phone can be cloned without causing any visible damage to the original.

What is the cloning of someone phone?

Cloning is the process of duplicating the contents of a phone. The process is done by booting up the cloned device with software that allows it to be unlocked and then copying all of its data onto the new device. Cloning devices can also be done remotely without touching them. This makes it easier for people to move their devices from one location to another without having to get a technician to do it for them.

If you want to clone someone’s phone remotely, the first thing that is needed is a compatible device. Same both iOS device and not the other way round such as android cloned on iOs. It won’t work and can bridge the device software. They are not compatible.

How to clone someone’s phone

If you want to clone someone’s phone, first you need to take a screenshot of your target’s phone. This is most easily accomplished with an app like OnSpy. Make sure not to do this on the same device that you are cloning from or else it will be impossible to remove the screenshot from the device and it would look suspicious when opening up your target’s old device.


Next, tap the share button on your target’s current phone, select Bluetooth Device Name and enter the name of your new cloned device. After that, you’ll want to find where in their settings they’ve disabled Bluetooth so that your new cloned device doesn’t automatically connect every time they get close enough. Finally, make sure you hide this option in their settings so the victim won’t know.

After you are done, you can use it on your device to view it.

How to use OneSpy To clone Someone’s phone without them knowing

OneSpy is remote monitoring software that allows you to monitor someone’s text messages, social media apps, GPS locations, media files, and more remotely. With this software, you will be able to know what someone is up to as well as control all devices that are attached to their phone. We have been providing top-notch remote spy software for many years now and take pride in our distinguished reputation.

To simply use it, follow this step

  1. Click buy
  2. Register and buy a subscription
  3. Activate your subscription
  4. Follow the instruction on how to clone a phone without touching it
  5. Log in to a private dashboard to view your clone data

This is one of the easy things to do to clone someone’s phone.


Ways to clone a cell phone without touching it

Cell phones can be cloned without touching the phone, but it shouldn’t be done often but to monitor your kid’s cell phone. You will need special software to do this like OneSpy, Ultimate phone spy. The number one reason for using this method is for personal security. When you clone your cell phone, it creates a new physical and virtual copy of your current phone with all your personal information intact. This can help ensure your safety in case you lose your phone or need to restrict your kid’s internet consumption.

Other Alternatives to clone phone pictures remotely

There are simple positive proven ways to clone a phone picture without you touching it. This is through google email.

How to do it

  1. Take your kids email
  2. login your kid’s email on your device
  3. Turn on sharing to synchronize pictures
  4. Finish setup

When this is done, you will have access to pictures your kids share on his or her device. This can happen on any device. Once a picture is snapped, you can get access to those pictures without restriction, and the best part of it, nobody will know.

You can use this to also monitor your kid’s movement. This is totally free.

Proven ways to clone a phone with Bluetooth

Cloning a phone using Bluetooth is a very easy process. With BlueTooth devices, you can easily find your phone’s MAC address.  This is what you need to do

  1. Install a third-party app on your phone
  2. Connect target’s device to your phone
  3. Turn on your third-party app and follow instructions
  4. When it’s connected, you can literally read the content of the phone without touching the phone.

Benefits and tips for using remote checking technology

Remote checking technology is an amazing spy tool that can help your child’s phone efficiently. One of the first things you must do when implementing remote checking technology is to educate yourself with this article on how you can clone a phone without touching the phone and how to use it effectively.

This can make it run better, so set up a practice time before you embark to clone a phone.

The Bottom Line

These are the proven ways to clone a cell phone remotely safely without compromising the security of your child or spouse.

Those who want to clone a phone without touching it should use the OneSpy app. It is available on our website and comes with a free trial period so that you can try it out before purchasing. Just install it on your phone, follow the instructions, and wait for the process to be finished.





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